Saturday, 14 January 2012

No.5: The Water Railway

Joining Lincoln and Boston, The Water Railway was completed in 2008 and follows the Witham on paths which were once the railway line between the county's capital and the coast. Listed as an LDP, it doubles as a National Cycle Route and, unfortunately, is tarmaced along its entirity. The Water Railway is a route of open spaces and riverside tranquility, winding through countryside which shows another side of Lincolnshire - one that has more in common with the Fens than the Wolds.

Saturday 14th January, 33 miles

Waking to the hardest frost of the winter.

A friendly 'good morning' to the next door neighbour, and then an hour's drive to the start.

Heading off from the centre of Lincoln.

Cathedral from the zig-zag foot bridge.

Out of town.

Roads - who needs them?

Viewing platform at the western end of the path.

Down the boulevard.

Frost and thorns.

Two suns.

Following the river towards Bardney.

Odd beasts lounging.

'Be on your way son...'

 Making ripples.

Strange crops...

...grow well in sunshine.

Very berry.

Mind the bike!

The slow life.


Looking out for big fish...

...'I slip, I slide, I gloom, I glance.'

Taking The Viking Way track to Southrey woods.

Sunbathing pigs.

'Now, when's the next train to Boston?'

Road crossing.

I'm in chains.

Climbing up to Kirkstead Bridge.

In times gone long by, the land around the Witham was considered a sacred place. The river was seen as a 'mirror of heaven.'

Tattershall Castle over yonder.

Moorings at Chapel Hill.

Crossing the boundary line.

Dig in. The road to Holland Fen goes on...

...and on.

Riverbank trig and The Stump in the distance, just east of Langrick Bridge.

As the river bends at Anton's Gowt.

Locked out.

The east end viewing platform.

Boston's getting closer.

The end at Boston's Sluice bridge, where the Witham becomes the Haven.

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  1. My Mom lives in Boston. My parents lived in Sibsey until recently. I've done bits of this route. Superb.