Saturday 7 January 2012

No 4: The Belmont 30

A circular route from Tetford, The Belmont 30 takes in some of the finest Wolds scenery to the west and south of Louth, and is named after the Belmont TV transmitter (at one time, the tallest man-made structure in the UK), which is visible throughout the round. Being one of a handful of the LPDs I have done prior to this year's challenge, previous GPS stats put the total distance at closer to 35 miles.

35 miles, Saturday 7th January

Another morning, another journey

Den - long hair, big beard, new tights

Nice and steady on the road out of Tetford

Deserted dwellings from the Roman road to Belchford.

Sun, shadows and the joys of empty miling.

Too early for a pint at The Blue Bell.

Through back gardens to Wood Farm.


The fields are my tarmac, the sky my scoresheet.

Ploughing our way towards Scamblesby.

Heading towards Goulceby and the transmitter in the distance.

From Shop Lane to Top Lane, Goulceby.

'What's your beef?'

Van Gogh swirls near Market Stainton.

Build a little birdhouse in my soul.

Free running.

The sea parts on the path to Donington-On-Bain.


Fleeing from the prison bars.

Swallowed by the trees.

Meeting Belmont.

The point at which Den began his monologue about 'Derelict Building Bivvying.' It was to last for 2 long hours.

A beauty at Biscathorpe.

Take the branch line to Burgh-on-Bain.

Sticking to the National Speed Limit on the road to Girsby Top.

Anyone for tennis?

Leaving the transmitter behind.

Murk descends round the ponds at Tathwell.


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