Sunday, 1 January 2012

No.1 : Tennyson 20

                                                                                                                                                                  20 miles, Sunday 1st January 

Leon and Chris-ready!

Leon and Dennis -ready!
The kind people of Tetford.
Where now...?
Up the hill from Tetford.

Lonely fingerpost.

Single-track to Worlaby.

Your carriage awaits...

Scaring the geese.
Running into a new day.

The sky's waking up.

Hello 2012!
Down the dip to Burwell.
Stile-hopping between Burwell and Swaby.

Swaby's hidden valley.

Christmas lights at South Thoresby's chapel.

Face to face with history at Calceby.

A quick drink at Driby.

Farm track from Brinkhill.

Brook on the Bag Enderby track. The hard way...?

...or the easy way?

A jog to the end at Hagworthingham.
'One down...'

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