Tuesday 24 January 2012

No 6: Bourne Blunder

An undulating route to the south of Grantham, the Bourne Blunder starts and finishes in Bourne Woods and takes in a multitude of charming villages, the Grimesthorpe Castle estate, an 11th century castle mound and the lakes of Holywell Hall.

Sunday 22nd January, 20 miles

A dodgy hat, an 80's mullet...

...and a greying beard - the usual suspects prepare for take-off.

'How do we get out of these woods?'

Pulled apart by horses.

Poles and wires.

Waiting by the gate.

Laser light over Dobbin's Wood.

Hidden house at Scottlethorpe.

Legging it from Scottlethorpe Grange.

Rollercoaster countryside.

Blue sky thinking.

Under the London Line at Little Bytham.


On the track to Lodge Farm.

Stopped dead by a shooting foot pain...

...Den removes the thorn and, fortified by a drink of ditchwater, hobbles onwards.

Under the bridge.

Lakes at Holywell Hall.

Burning trees.

Pushing our run over the border line.

Up the track to the quarry at Holywell.

'Where's the path gone?'



Sandstone crater.

Is there life on Mars?


Phone box, Bus Stop, Castle Mound (Castle Bytham).

Towards Cabbage Hill.

Back over Castle Bytham.

Fir cones.

Climbing towards Swinstead.

Summit of Swinstead High Street.

Grimesthorpe Castle.

Back to Bourne Woods.

Over the hill.

Smiles at the end.

Yeah, that'll do.

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