Friday, 6 January 2012

No 3: Silver Lincs Way, Louth Link


The Silver Lincs Way meanders for 25 miles between Scartho, in the north of Lincolnshire, to the market town of Louth, in the Wolds further south. Officially classed as a Long Distance Path, it also provides access to five circular 'link walks' at Scartho, Ludborough (2 links), Wold Newton and Louth. Although not classed as LDPs in themselves, they are listed separately on the LDWA database and therefore must be completed as part of this year's challenge.

7 miles, Friday 6th January

Glorious January morning as we start in Louth town centre.

'Hey Tam - wait for me!'

Through the posh part of town.

Up the lane towards Pasture Farm.

Straight on.

Good running past the paddocks.

Following the track out of Little Welton.

Shooting star in a clear winter sky.

Do as you're told.

Over the bridge towards South Elkington.


Plenty of mud in the Bunkers Farm woods.

Vagabond Runner's hut.

Cross the road and over the bridge.

Three fingers over Jack's Furze.

Heading back towards the spire.

Louth from the top of Jack's Furze.

Frosty lanes...

...and a warm Wolds glow.

In through Hubbards Hills' bottom gate, and up the steps.

Jogging along the top path...

...past Wolds Dash HQ.

Fallen leaves in the park.

Back into town.


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