Tuesday, 3 January 2012

No. 2 : The Dave Milne Way

22 miles. Tuesday 3rd January

Leaving the house in heavy weather

Start at Ludford village hall. Best get off before that flag pole blows over.

Follow The Viking Way for a couple of miles...

...and head that way.

Where can I get a brew?

Tealby in the distance.

Highly desirable Wolds residence, complete with running water.

Heavy going towards Willingham Woods.

Single-track through the trees.

Forestry road towards Hamilton Hill.

The wind's blown the weather away.

Back on The Loop for a bit.

Through the wasteland.

Spaceship landing on the hill over Claxby.

God's light back over Willingham Woods.

Skirting Claxby Wood.

Approaching Otby.

Daylight moonlight.

View from the top.

'The Ramblers' Church' at Walesby.

The most beautiful church in the country?

Finding time for a snack in the church grounds.

Meeting the locals.

Squaddy jitty back into Tealby.

Losing the light on the way to Stainton le Vale.

Uphill on the path towards Kirmond le Mire.

Sheep grazing on Rectory Farm.

Road out of Thorpe le Vale.

Back to the end at Ludford.



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