Tuesday, 3 July 2012

No.19: The Lincolnshire Wolds 'Black Death' Challenge Walk

Over the last 45 years, John Merrill has walked over 200,000 miles - the equivalent of 10 times around the world. He has completed a remarkable and unequalled number of marathon walks, including being the first person to walk around Britain - 7000 miles - in 10 months. He has walked across Europe, Africa, India, Nepal, Asia, America, and along the great trails of America and Canada. He has also completed many Pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela, Canterbury, Walsingham and Tronheim in Norway.

He has written more than 340 guidebooks to his walks. The Lincolnshire Wolds 'Black Death' Challenge Walk is one of these routes.

The route starts and finishes at Louth's 'Cathedral of the Wolds' - St. James church - and takes in North and South Elkington, Kelstern, Burgh-on-Bain, Donnington-on-Bain, Withcall and Raithby. Rich in history, the route also passes the sites of 7 Medieval villages, mostly depopulated as a result of the Black Death.

Saturday 30th June, 26 miles 

Ready for the off at St. James'...

...with some welcome company

Can't see the water for the trees

Welcoming Committee

A picture of Summer, South Elkington

Full of wood

Out of North Elkington

Good running to Kelstern

Rolling hills

On the Loop towards The Viking Way

Threatening skies

The road from Girsby Top

Brightening up

Ey-up Belmont!


Field path to Biscathorpe

La-La Land

Hop on

Under surveillance, Stenigot


The long road to the spire...

...goes on and on

Leaving Withcall

Almost back

Over the Lud in Hubbards Hills

Pleased as punch

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