Sunday, 1 July 2012

No.18: Spires And Steeples Arts and Heritage Trail

The Spires and Steeples trail, from Lincoln Cathedral to St Denys' Church, Sleaford, brings together the rich history, heritage and local stories of the area. It has many beautiful artworks, churches, interesting landscapes and picturesque skies. The name refers to the Spires of the churches being the landmarks to which visitors make their way and to the rural sport of Steeple chasing. It is also recognition of the important part they have played in the lives of these communities as well as how they are a reflection of the times, families and cultures that created, altered and rebuilt them.

Sunday 17th June, 25 miles

By the Witham, Lincoln

Sluice Gates

Following the finger posts


Bench, Washingborough

Crossing the tracks, part 1


Overgrown field paths

Big Sky County

On yer bike! Branston

Crossing the tracks, part 2

Struggling through rape fields

Through the hedge

The Water Tower, Potterhanworth

Post Office, Nocton

Crossing the tracks, part 3

Half way at Metheringham

Across the cricket pitch, Blankney

Muddy tracks to Scopwick

Scopwick village centre


Clouds for company

Steeple or spire?

Main road, Digby

'Under the arch, across the stone clapper bridge'

Good paths to Dorrington

The Dorrington Demons

Crossing the tracks, part 4

Beside the Sleaford Navigation Canal


Over the bridge to the end.

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