Saturday, 11 February 2012

No.8: Caistor Challenge Alternative

Starting and finishing in Caistor, this circular LDP follows the route of The Viking Way via Nettleton, Walesby and Tealby to Ludford. It returns with a route to the east, passing through Stainton-le-Vale and Rothwell.
Running through the very heart of the Wolds, this path is, at times, challenging in inclines and awe-inspiringly beautiful.
Due to the difficult driving conditions, I opted to access the route at Ludford - a half-hour closer to my home than Caistor - and complete the circuit in an anti- clockwise direction.

11th February, 26 miles

Early morning light through the trees at Ludford Village Hall car park.

Just in time for sunrise.


Leaving Ludford.

Sun sprinkling magic.

Lincolnshire in rose light.

Memories are made of this.

Stay golden.

Towards Thorpe-le-Vale.

Frozen fishing lake.

Heading for the sun.


Frost on the fence, Kirkmond-le-Mire.

Breaking tracks on way to Thoresway.

Into the blue.

Shifting sands.

'S E X' tree.

Rothwell - home of one of Lincolnshire's most famous road races, The Tough Ten.

Flip-flop crossroads.

That sinking feeling, Nettleton Top.

Memorial water pump, Caistor town centre.

 Entering Nettleton valley from the north.

Down to the Chalk Pit.

Looking back from Chalk Pit woods.


Power cut.

Golf Ball Tower, Normanby-le-Wold.

Looking down from the highest point in Lincolnshire, Normanby Top.

Following in your footsteps.

Climbing to The Rambler's Church, Walesby.

Doing it in stile.

Scrambling up snow slopes en route to Tealby.

Keeping an eye on little one.

A jog down Memory Lane.

Over the ford at Tealby.

On the Zig-Zags towards High Street.

Stud Config. (What sort of crazy creatures make these tracks?)

Finish in sight.

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