Sunday, 26 February 2012

No. 11: Nev Cole Way

Named after the founder of The Wanderlust Rambling Club, The Nev Cole Way starts from Burton-upon-Strather in the far north of Lincolnshire. Following the Jurassic scarp overlooking the River Trent, it continues east along the south bank of the Humber. After skirting the highly industrial towns of North / South Killingholme, Immingham and Grimsby, it turns inland into the gently sloping Lincolnshire Wolds and finishes in Nettleton, where it provides a link with The Viking Way.

Saturday 26th February, 57 miles

Apprehensive at the start in Burton-upon-Strather.

Respects to a Lincolnshire rambling legend.

First views of the River Trent from The Cliff.

Green trees.

Marking the way.

Julian's Bower, an ancient maze at Alkborough.

Wetlands where the Trent joins the Humber.

Passing through Whitton.

Buoy, Pudding Pie Sands.

A river of reeds.

Two men in a boat (on dry land.)

Moorings at Ferriby Sluice.

First signs of spring.


Approaching the Humber Bridge, until recently the world's longest single-span suspension bridge.

Under the bridge.

Back here soon.

Water's Edge Country Park, Barton.

Silos, New Holland.


North sea ferries on the north shore.


Approaching Skitter Ness.

Looking east. Grimbsy's Dock Tower visible in the distance.

Warning Gas Main.

Across the North Sea.

Loading container ships at North Killingholme jetties.

Refining oil.

 Pit stop with the crew at North Killingholme village.

Hope :]

Climbing the stairway to Immingham.


Late afternoon track between Stallingborough and Healing.

The National Grid.

Farm road to Beelsby.

Bowing out.

Sunset 1.

Sunset 2.

Sunset 3.

Sunset 4.

The moon and the stars were the gifts you gave.

Crop experiments, Rothwell.

Flip-flop Crossroads tells me the end is near.

Climbing the Nev Cole Memorial Stile to end the route at Nettleton.

Thanks Nev.