Sunday, 2 September 2012

No.22: The Gingerbread Way

A circular route around Grantham, The Gingerbread Way passes through the villages of Great Ponton, Harlaxton, Barrowby and Great Gonerby. It joins the Grantham Canal for a short stretch as well as skirting Belton Park.

Saturday 25th August, 25 miles

Narrow jitty out of Grantham

Looking down on the town

Up the grassy slope


A crack in the sky



Following tracks

Railway arch, Little Ponton

Church, Great Ponton

Downhill to Stroxton

Angles, Harlaxton

Canal again

Heavy skies

Track To Barrowby

Getting high

Anyone for rugby?

Bottoms Up!

Under pylons

Rain in the distance

Belton Park folly


Into Londonthorpe Wood

Summer rain, Harrowby Hall

My friend, the rainbow

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