Saturday, 31 March 2012

No. 12: Silver Lincs Way - Ludborough South Link

The second of five circular 'link walks' along the Silver Lincs Way, the Ludborough South Link climbs to the ancient hamlet of Wyham and follows an undulating route to North Elkington, before returning to Ludborough via North Ormsby.

Friday 30th March - 14 miles

Start at St. Mary's, Ludborough.

Heading out.

Estate road to Wyham.

Lonely chapel.

Clear tracks through growing crops.

Looking back to Wyham.

Late afternoon on the chalk road.

Tractor tracks.

Fuel for the winter.


Leaves appearing.

Looking back on the climb to North Elkington.

Parallel Lines.

 One way to the valley.

Through the bumps, North Elkington.

 Grand Old Man.

Rising path to Fotherby Top.


A splash of yellow.

Broken smile.

On the verge of spring.

Empty miles.

Low light at Ludborough.

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